Wednesday, 19 October 2011


The decision to freeze and with inflation deliver a real term cut to the licence fee was a political one, the position we are in has the listener/end user of a bbc service/station is to feel what a real cut may mean to a service that we hold dear to ourselves.

The demonstration on the 28th of October 2011 is very important but we must also understand that the greater political pressure we can place upon politicians can only help our collective cause. The first politician we should all contact is the elected Mayor of London the one and only Boris Johnson.

Therefore I ask you to consider writing to Boris at you may wish to cut/paste some of the following text below.

Dear Boris Johnson,

I would like to bring to your attention the very shocking and sad news that the Director General of the bbc and his management team wish to implement cuts of up to 25% that will destroy afternoon programming, decimate the excellent sports coverage and close late night radio.

I've contacted the bbc trust and have responded to the consultation however after listening to David Holdsworth head of regions I'm concerned that bbc management are merely playing lip service to the thoughts and feelings of listeners.

How can a city as diverse as London not afford a 24/7 public funded radio station, especially considering the salaries paid to senior managers/directors and the £5 billions collected in licence fees and sales of programmes world wide.

Thank you,

A Listener...

I hope the above paragraphs help and I hope you like me wish to save this wonderful station.

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  1. That would be such a shame to lose so many great broadcasters. BBC Ldn, has found the way to hire the cream of the crop and does not even seem to realise it.
    I'm French and I live in Latvia for the moment, I do listen to the BBC Ldn, especially Nikki and Caroline and I can tell that BBC Ldn touches a far wider community than London itself.
    Thanks John for putting so much energy, look forward to hearig from you on BBC Ldn!