Tuesday, 31 January 2012

'We Trusted He Delivered'...

'In Patten we Trust'

Lord Patten delivered a much welcome speech last week that made clear to the outgoing Director General of the bbc Mark Thompson that the proposed cuts to bbc local radio need to be scaled.

In light of the bbc trusts announcement it is right that we suspend our demonstration on the 18th February outside Media City, Salford & wait to see what the revised plans mean for bbc local radio up & down the country, but especially here in the capital.

The 18th of February maybe suspended but that doesn't mean our campaign to save local radio (bbc London 94.9 fm) doesn't go on. In fact the opposite is true, we need to harness the political support we gained here in London & ensure that bbc management adequately fund & maintain a 24/7 speech/music/educational station here in the capital. I love bbc radio 5 live but I want to choose when I listen by turning the dial & not when somebody in an office flicks a switch.

Over the coming weeks template email/letters will be posted upon this site & I hope you'll join me & lobby our elected politicians so they ensure that bbc management listen to Lord Patten & the views of listeners/licence fee payers.

Time to 'Get Vocal 4 bbc Local' radio & it's time for our successful campaign to change course & direction.

Thank you all,

John Kennedy.

'In Patten we Trust'...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Partial Victory ?

Lord Patten Delivered a 'Partial Victory' to bbc Local Radio Listeners...

'In Patten we Trust' and in my own humble opinion the Chair of the bbc trust Lord Patten has indicated clearly to Mark Thompson/David Holdsworth that 'they' must go back to the drawing board and amend their disastrous plans for bbc local radio.

However I'm saddened to say that the bbc trust still expects cuts to local radio & I just wonder if more people had filled out the consultation and the process was made easier would we be celebrating rather than pondering what the future holds for the many stations & shows that I know so many of you enjoy, even love.

Life isn't easy & I know we are all feeling the stresses & strains of cuts to local services in many parts of our lives. We must therefore be pleased that Lord Patten understands what a vital role local radio plays in each of our communities & we must redouble our efforts and ensure that we don't just cross the gain line & land a try (rugby) but we convert that success into a conversion & place the ball firmly between the uprights.

I know I can be a pain at times & I know many of you probably think I'd wish he just stop going on about this issue. Well we came so close to getting the result we all wanted but failed because I didn't get greater numbers to fill out the consultation. This is however a 'Partial Victory' and you should be proud that you gained cross party support in Parliament because the campaign we ran was right, fair & proper.

Over the coming days/weeks I'll be asking you all to contact your elected representatives by email/letter or even phone, it's time to 'GET VOCAL 4 BBC LOCAL' radio & with the second half of the battle about to begin we must ensure we kick 'Delivering Quality First' firmly into touch !

John Kennedy.
'Get Vocal 4 bbc Local'...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

'In Patten we Trust'...

'In Patten we Trust'...
We have demonstrated, filled in consultation documents and sent a clear message to the Director General of the bbc Mark Thompson that he and the board of management need to reverse the proposed cuts to bbc local radio.

Tomorrow the Chair of the bbc trust Lord Patten delivers a speech where we hope that he will clearly speak up on our behalf and ask Mark Thompson to reverse the cuts programme to bbc local radio. We have placed our trust in Lord Patten and I am sure he understands the strength of feeling that these proposed cuts have generated.

We managed to galvanise cross party support of MP's and the Culture, Media & Sports Minister Jeremy Hunt and win the argument for a licence fee funded local radio service across the UK. Local radio is the crown that holds the Jewels and it saddens me to think that those who have been placed in charge of our bbc thought so little of a service that is enjoyed by millions of us across this land.

Whatever Lord Patten says in Oxford we will have to wait to see how Mark Thompson and the board of management interpret his words/sentiment.

A special thank you so far to all of you who have attended demonstrations/pickets, filled out consultation documents and all @savelocalradio @BBCRadioForum on the twitter.

In my honest opinion this campaign isn't over it's just about to begin so for the next few days maybe you might consider texting/tweeting/emailing and even calling your bbc local radio service, it's time to 'Get Vocal 4 bbc Local' radio...

'In Patten we Trust'

John Kennedy.

Monday, 16 January 2012

'Get Vocal 4 BBC Local'...

Get Vocal 4 BBC Local...

18th February 2012
BBC Media City

Time to 'Get Vocal 4 BBC Local' radio...

'In Patten we Trust'...

Thursday, 12 January 2012

'Get Vocal 4 BBC Local'

Getting vocal for bbc local radio...

The consultation is over and we are well into the New Year of 2012. Over the coming weeks & months the fate of bbc local radio will be decided by the bbc trust.

At 1pm on Saturday the 18th of February we will protest outside the new bbc media centre at Salford (Manchester) and remind the director general & the board of management of the bbc that we are not prepared to sit back & listen to local radio turn into a regional stitch up dressed up has a quality first management speak programme.

Therefore it's time for everybody who loves & enjoys bbc local radio & bbc local sport to demonstrate on Saturday the 18th of February outside the bbc media centre at Salford (Manchester).

Note details of meeting points/places and ways of travelling to/from Manchester will appear here shortly...


John Kennedy.
'Get Vocal 4 BBC Local'