Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year...

What a Year 2011...

What a year this has been from losing a much loved radio host, musician & friend to the announcement that the Director General of the bbc & its board of management wish to impose cuts upon local radio that will not only drastically alter service level agreements but destroy bbc local radio.

However within no time of the announcement of the 'Delivering Quality First' (DQF) programme listeners to bbc local radio from Cornwall via London to Aberdeen were organising via facebook/twitter & good old local radio !

The consultation has ended & the season of goodwill is upon us all so I ask of Mark Thomson & David Holdsworth, whilst you celebrate Christmas & New Year please spare a thought for the elderly, the infirm, the emergency services, the taxi-cab drivers, the down trodden, the lonely & the ordinary hard working people who don't just listen to local radio but care about their communities. Think of the licence fee payer & remember you/your colleagues at the top of the corporation have done pretty well out of us ordinary folk doing the 'normal' sometimes mundane boring jobs that most people take for granted. Please Mark & David if it's within your power 'ring fence' bbc local radio & harness the energy, the enthusiasm & even love that so many 'local' people have for bbc local radio. End the uncertainty for the staff affected & deliver Christmas joy to families/friends & communities throughout the nation.

That's the begging part over now let us deal with the Trust. Lord Christopher Patten is a decent hard working chap who chairs the bbc trust. The Trust will decide in Jan/Feb 2012 the fate of bbc local radio. I like you place my trust in Lord Patten, I believe he along with fellow trustees understand that local radio is not only cherished but loved dearly by you the listener. I firmly believe we have made the case for local radio and won the argument with bbc senior management. Money can be saved at the corporation, from car allowances, better project management & reductions in car/bus services whilst protecting front line programming & staff at bbc local radio.

At bbc London 94.9fm we are in danger of losing Robert Elms, Danny Baker, the majority of the Sports team, Jo Good & Nikki Bedi. Please note Lord Patten there is very little informative, entertaining, educational, inclusive radio in the commercial sector even here in London.

If the worst happens & the Trust sides with bbc management we must be prepared to mount a political lobbying campaign like no other.

I have a Plan B 'IN' In Preparation which will involve all our elected politicians & national/regional/local demonstrations, we must hope for the best & prepare for the worse. Remember our battle cry & shout it out loud & clear when you call/text/tweet/facebook/email your local bbc radio station,

'IN PATTEN WE TRUST' for now...

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all...

John Kennedy.

PS can I personally thank the bbc radio forum &

Monday, 19 December 2011


With the clock ticking to the close of the consultation regarding bbc Local radio members of two London based facebook groups 'The Star Garter/Tree House Appreciation Society' and the 'Unofficial bbc London Late Night Group' joined forces to deliver a message (and cake/card) to the bbc trust based at 180 Great Portland Street, London W1.

The delegation which represented 'bbc Local radio and not just bbc London 94.9 fm gathered by the 'All Souls Church' Portland Place W1 at 11.00am.

After a short taxi-cab journey and a number of the group choosing to walk we all gathered outside the bbc trust London offices. Group photographs (below) were taken with 'Scrooge' ready and waiting to deliver a cake to the trust and seasons greetings but not a whiff or a sniff of humble pie.

A reporter from from bbc London interviewed Faye (above) from Chiswick whilst 'Scrooge' looked liked the part suited him more by the minute.
After 'Scrooge gave his interview to the reporter Jason Rosam he entered the building with a couple of those present including Robin and Bruno the Welsh Terrier 'demonstration' dog and the cake/card were accepted by a PA from the bbc trust.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have with the bbc radio forum and managed to  seek and gain not just cross party support for Local radio but Government support. It is now up to you to ask your friends/family even neighbours to fill out the consultation at click on link to local radio and get involved, have your say and save something you love.

Can I personally thank Robin and Bruno, Scrooge, Paul, Manna, Cassandra, Steve and his baby daughter, Marc, Faye and the chap with the white wool hat.

You have 48hrs to fill out the consultation, don't regret not taking the opportunity to save bbc Local radio including bbc London 94.9 fm...

'In Patten we Trust'

John Kennedy.

PS the consultation closes on the 21st of December on the 22nd our political campaign starts.

Friday, 16 December 2011

11am 19.12.11 !


On Monday at 11am a representative group of listeners to bbc London 94.9fm & bbc local radio will muster/meet at the 'All Soul's Church' Portland Place W1 & led by the character 'Scrooge' we will deliver not humble pie but a cake/card to the offices of the bbc Trust in Great Portland Street W1.

Merry Christmas to you all & may I thank you once again for your efforts to save bbc local radio.

'In Patten we Trust'

John Kennedy.

PS remember you have until the 21st of December to encourage, neighbours, family & friends to respond to the consultation...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The 19th...

Less than 10 Days to the end of Consultation...

On the 19th of December a representative group of people will deliver a message of 'goodwill' to a group of people who have the future of your bbc local radio station in their hands.
Our very own bbc London 94.9fm will be decimated if the cuts to its budget go ahead. Robert Elms & Danny Bakers shows are under threat, the Sports team & coverage will barely exist. Jo Good's late show & the wonderful Nikki Beddi overnight slot will disappear.

You the listener have been wonderful, you have stepped up to the plate & protested/demonstrated has if you were fighting for your jobs & families. I am very proud of you all & my message to you is simple, whatever happens to bbc London 94.9fm you will be able to hold your head high & say you did your bit, you made an effort to persuade those who have been entrusted to act on our behalf.

So at midday on Monday the 19th December we will deliver a message, a reminder to those who hold the key to the future of local radio that we are here waiting for them to make the right decisions on our behalf.
'In Patten we Trust'

John Kennedy...

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Wonderful People Who Care !

Yes over 50 wonderful people turned up on a wet grey awful night to protest at the cuts that are proposed to bbc London 94.9 fm and bbc local radio. 'Scrooge' made an appearance and we all had a sing-song with a rendition of the 'Candy-Man' that would have made the much loved bbc London presenter 'Danny Baker' proud. In true form of bbc London 94.9 fm listeners £94.00p was raised towards 'The BiG George Bench' fund. Can I thank you all personally...back to the protest.

The weather was rainy with the skies dark and grey but the spirit of these listeners and the wonderful Robin with 'Bruno the demonstration dog' lifted the mood of all coupled with the great news that a debate was held in Parliament which managed to unite the House and gain support from the Government.

I would like to thank all the politicians that took part in the debate and hope that the Director General of the bbc was listening and that the bbc trust rejects the proposed cuts to bbc local radio and treats this vital community service in the same way radio 3 and 4 have been ring fenced from the vast majority of the cuts across the rest of the corporation.

Life is going to get a little harder for many of us who live in the real world and who get paid reasonable 'normal' wages/salaries and bbc London 94.9 fm gives all of us something we like and love. I personally love the late show with Jo Good and the overnight show with Nikki Beddi, I also enjoy the excellent sports coverage and the culture/history of Robert Elms followed by the most random of radio by 'the boy baker' (Danny Baker).

The presenters, the staff and the editors should be proud of what you deliver and we the listeners shall fight to save a radio station we love.

'In Patten we Trust'

Thank you all,

John Kennedy.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Reports in the Media...?

Be aware of reports in the media especially newspapers informing you and I that the cuts to bbc local radio are to be reversed.

The bbc is consulting with you and I and the consultation ends on the 21st of December 2011. Early in 2012 around February, the latest March we will here from the bbc trust, the fate of bbc London 94.9 fm and local radio throughout the UK is in the hands of Lord Patten and his fellow trustees.

We demonstrate on the 1st of December 2011 at 6pm outside Broadcasting House, Portland Place W1. We need a good turnout and we need you the listener to turn up and support the campaign to save bbc London 94.9 fm and bbc local radio.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is up to you, I can do no more other than to urge you to turn up and fight for something you love dearly.

Thank you,


Friday, 25 November 2011

Broadcasting House 6pm 1.12.2011...

Next Demonstration is at
6pm on 
Thursday the 1st of December 2011
Broadcasting House
Portland Place

If you choose to sit back and do nothing don't be surprised after the Olympics in 2012 when you tune into 94.9fm if you don't hear the likes of Robert Elms, Danny Baker, Jo Good, Nikki Beddi, the Sports team, Caroline Feraday, Gary Crowley, Tony Blackburn to name but a few. Delivering Quality First (name of the cost cutting programme) will Put the Listener Last (PLL).

Many of the overnight family lost a good friend in 'BiG George Webley' and I remember only to well pledging to many of you that I would fight any cuts to our bbc local radio station...

The time has come for each of us to step up to the plate, so turn up on Thursday and send a clear message to the Director General of the bbc that the proposed cuts to bbc local radio are unacceptable. Ring fence local radio like Radio 4 and 3, protect local radio has if it was the proms and reverse the decision before the new year and give local communities the length and breadth of the nation something to cheer about in these oh so turbulent times.

Please Mark Thompson do the right thing for the ordinary, the elderly, the infirm, the lonely, the non-league football fan, the cricket fan and our legacy after 2012. 

'In Patten we Trust' but you Mark can prove us all wrong and reverse the cuts to the crown that holds the jewels of the British Broadcasting Corporation. 


PS due to cuts Santa cancelled on Thursday, please note 'Scrooge' will be in attendance instead along with many of you hopefully and the odd Christmas Carol...!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Save BBC Radio London 94.9 fm...

In life you have many choices but when someone or some group or institution wishes to take something away from you you have two choices. Stand up for what you love and believe in or sit down and let others dictate how your life will be run.

Many listeners to bbc radio London 94.9fm cannot believe what the Director General and the board of management wish to do with bbc Local radio. It is FACT that the bbc pays daft sums of money to people under the  veil of 'talent' that will go elsewhere eg ITV or maybe even SKY. Well considering all this talent had to start somewhere and I'm sure they weren't paid excessively in the first place, so let this pool of overpaid 'talent' seek overpaid contracts elsewhere and spend the money saved on bbc local radio, radio 5 live and other excellent programmes the bbc manages to make for a fraction of the money paid to this 'talent' pool bleeding the corporation dry.

A big thank you to Nigel Howard 'Fleet Streets' finest photographer for kindly providing us with a number of pictures of our 1st Demonstration on the 28th of October.

Please note we have a new national website created by other great people who care about local radio and their communities at this links nearly all the campaigns and is the hub. We need to unite to save ALL bbc local radio.

Next Demonstration on
Thursday 6pm
1st of Decemeber 2011
Broadcasting House
Portland Place

'In Patten we Trust'

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cross Party Support...

On Tuesday evening a number of individuals from the world of Cricket along with others from the campaign to save bbc local radio met with the Shadow Minister for Sport Clive Efford MP at Portcullis House to discuss the bbc's 'Delivering Quality First' strategy that will destroy the excellent local sports coverage that bbc local radio provides across the nation.

Cricket, Football, non league Football, Rugby league/union & all other sports coverage is under threat due the average 20% cut to local radio & the mind boggling 25% cut to bbc radio London.

The United Kingdom is to host the Olympics next year, followed by the Rugby World Cup 2015 & World Athletics Championship in 2017 & we have to ask the question what sort of legacy will we leave if local radio is unable to provide that vital link between the listener & grass roots sports ?

I must say we are heartened to know that the campaign to save bbc local radio is receiving cross party political support which we must harness & use to our advantage. The campaign now moves to another demonstration at 6pm on Thursday the 1st of December 2011 at Broadcasting House, Portland Place W1 on a day that has been labelled 'listen to local radio day' !

All listeners and lovers of bbc local sport coverage need to get involved in the consultation at and attend if possible the demonstration on the 1st December or get involved in 2012 when our political campaign will be launched with the sole aim to reverse the cuts in full & ensure the bbc trust asks the Director General to ring fence local radio in a similar fashion to bbc radio 4 & 3.


'In Patten we Trust'

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas Demonstration...!

Hello again,

The time has come for our second demonstration with a Christmas 'carol singing' theme with alternate lyrics.

Therefore I kindly request that you attend at 6pm on Thursday the 1st December 2011 outside Broadcasting House, Portland Place, W1.

We must ensure a turnout of at least 100 & hope that each of you can bring a friend or supporter of bbc London 94.9 fm along.

Please call/text/tweet/email the station and let them know every time you get the chance of our second demonstration at 6pm on Thursday the 1st December 2011 at Broadcasting House, Portland Place W1.

Please log onto the blog follow @savelocalradio or @johnthecabby on twitter & join the facebook groups that our supporting this campaign.

All the links can be found on the blog/website & I'll bring the mince pies on the 1st December if you bring yourself & others along for a protest, a sing song & the chance to save bbc radio London 94.9 fm.

Thank you for attending last demonstration.

John Kennedy.

'In Patten we Trust'

PS if you have a Christmas Carol you'd like us all to sing let me know & please print off at least 100 copies of lyrics in plain clear type of a reasonable size.

Monday, 7 November 2011


We often hear people moan and groan in London or the United Kingdom when they lose something they love or like well you have a chance to change things when it comes to the proposed cuts to bbc local radio.

Many of you have already filled out the consultation document online at and many of you love your local radio. So Why don't we all encourage those people who love to talk about the loss of many of the shows we all love and make sure they fill out the form online and have their say.

So I'm going to ask you to find 5 other people who love bbc London 94.9 fm and bbc local radio as much as you and I do and help them fill out the consultation online which takes less then 5 minutes.

The power of the number 5.


'In Patten we Trust'

Friday, 4 November 2011

Radio 4 Feedback...

You are the most important person to any radio station in the world for without you stations do not exist. Across the United Kingdom bbc local radio is under threat like never before, they haven't chosen to close stations down and offer the frequency to Ofcom and the private/commercial sector instead the Director General along with his board of management team have chosen to cuts services, change the service level agreement and effectively turn bbc local radio into a 6am to 12pm and a 5pm to 7pm service.

Here in London we will lose our much loved overnight slot presently hosted by the wonderful Nikki Bedi. Shows like Robert elms that are unique to London are under threat along with Danny Baker (what's coming next radio, you never know). The bbc London sports team cover all sports held within the capital and produce sports coverage of a quality that far surpasses the £1.5 million paid to a part time 'Match of the Day' presenter and finally Joanne Good the lady that introduces bands,barking and opinions on the airwaves on the late show.

Last week some of us (well over 120) turned up at Broadcasting House, Portland Place W1 at 6pm and held our first protest against these cuts. Nigel Howard (Evening Standard) took some pictures so please do take a look at we were also featured today on the bbc radio 4 programme feedback at 1.30pm which will be broadcast again on Sunday at 8pm.

I/we are emailing all of you who left an address and we will announce our next demonstration to be held early December the theme will be 'carol singing' with the odd alternate lyric. In the meantime can you ensure at least 5 other people you know fill out the consultation regarding local radio and ask those five people to send a letter/email to your MP, London Assembly member or local councillor. You may wish to help your neighbour or friend do this and use templates on previous posts on this blog or other save local radio site linked to us here.

Thank you all once again...


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Service Level Agreement(s)...

The bbc is managed by a Director and board but answers to a board of Trustees who work on our behalf to ensure we receive value for money and levels of service.

I've taken a look at the service level agreement for bbc local radio and I must say was shocked to see no mention of sports or the fact that London is a capital city and operates on a 24/7 basis. Therefore it is important that we ask the bbc trust to ensure that the service level agreement reflects more accurately the city we live and work within. Can you therefore consider using the template email below and forward to the bbc trust by way email/letter, it may be an idea also to write to your Member of Parliament and/or London Assembly member and ask them to contact the bbc trust on your behalf.

Dear Lord Patten,

At present a consultation is taking place regarding bbc local radio however I've noticed that the service level agreement for bbc London 94.9 fm is a little vague and appears to fail to reflect the capital city that I live and work in. 

I would like to see the service level agreement reflect the extensive sports that are played on a professional and amateur basis here in the capital ranging from  football, rugby, cricket, hockey, running, athletics to name but a few. 

London is a 24 hour city with a vibrant night-time economy and therefore an extensive wide ranging night-time work force that crosses all trades/professions who deserve a dedicated late night/through the night radio service. I might like to add that the cost of providing late night and through the night radio is very small when compared to other output across the bbc local network. 

I would therefore like to ask the trust to alter the service level agreement so that it better reflects London's status and reach of listeners. 

Thank you for the taking the time to read this email/letter.

A Listener.

Please consider sending this email/letter to the trust and get your friends/family to do the same remember to copy in your MP and/or London Assembly Member too. The email address for the trust is or you can write to BBC TRUST UNIT 180 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5QZ.


'In Patten we Trust'.

PS to all of you who attended the demonstration last Friday you'll be receiving an email from us (thank you) with links to this site.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

'In Patten we Trust'...

Can I say a huge thank you to all of you who turned up last night in central London on a Friday evening to protest outside Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1...

'In Patten we Trust' our battle cry, our call to listeners of bbc London 94.9 fm and bbc Local radio across the United Kingdom...

Over the coming days I/we will put some pictures up of our opening shot in a long campaign to save our local radio stations...

I am of the belief that our next demonstration needs to be on a Saturday afternoon after Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday that time/date would be at 3pm on Saturday the 19th of November 2011 and the theme would be sports...YES the sports team at bbc London is under major threat and these people bring happiness and joy to all sports fans no matter what the sport.

Note the Christmas Lights will be on and after the demonstration ('Kick-off' at 3pm) there will be plenty of time for early Christmas shopping and or a drink/meal in a local bar or public house/coffee shop.

Can I thank you all from the bottom of my heart once again for the support, help and love of bbc Local radio. I'll be in contact via email/twitter and this blog and we will all meet again...

John Kennedy.

'In Patten we Trust'...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

6.00pm Friday 28.10.2011...

On Friday a gathering/demonstration will take place outside Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1.

This will be the first of many and I/we urge you the listeners to bbc London 94.9 fm and listeners to all bbc Local radio services to make every effort to attend this or future events.

Be under no illusion we are about to lose many shows/slots on local radio, the management of the corporation have made this clear with their plans, our only hope is YOU ! Yes you the listener and our campaign to save bbc Local radio and persuade Chris Patten and the board of Trustees of the bbc that Local radio is the 'Crown' that holds the Jewels.

28th of October 
Broadcasting House
Portland Place

Look forward to meeting you all and please wrap up warm and bring a torch if possible.


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Time to Unite...

Ladies, Gentlemen, Listeners please do log onto a wonderful site and go look at the right hand bar which details all the facebook groups across the country that are organising and campaigning against these cuts. Link to this site is above on this page and on the top right hand column of the blog list.

I/we need an experienced facebook user with good social skills to make contact with all these groups and ask them if they would be interested in a mass demonstration at either Broadcasting House here in London or the new BBC centre in Manchester in December or January ?

The consultation ends in December but it doesn't mean it our campaign ends for Friday the 28th is only the beginning...


PS This is your chance to have your say, to stand up for something you love and believe in. Alone you're just a single voice but together we can build a movement with the courage to change things for the better for us all. That is something worth fighting for ladies and gentlemen for we all have a choice in life, we can sit in silence or stand up for what we know is right. I John Kennedy will be standing up on the 28th of October I hope you are too...

Spreading the Word...

Time to start spreading the word regarding the planned cuts to the bbc and our much loved radio station bbc radio London 94.9 fm.

We have placed an article with the online paper/site the Londonist at regarding these cuts and what they'll do to the station.

Take time to have a read and remember it's this coming Friday at 6pm our chance to say 'NO' to the cuts at bbc radio London 94.9 fm. So remember 6pm Friday the 28th October 2011 outside Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1.

Thank you...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Some Good News...

Ladies and Gentlemen some good news that a Parliamentary debate is to be held next Wednesday which was called for by the Conservative MP Robin Walker to discuss the proposed cuts to BBC Local Services.

Robin Walker MP has warned the BBC against cutting the very services local communities need and require therefore I ask you once again to start emailing your elected politicians and ask them to attend debate next Wednesday and ask them to oppose cuts to all BBC Local Radio Services including the savage cuts to BBC Radio London 94.9 fm.

Please click on the link where you can use the search facility to find contact details for your MP.

Please consider using template email below:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am concerned at the cuts the bbc wish to introduce to local services throughout the UK, I'm deeply concerned at the level of cuts which are to be implemented to bbc London 94.9 fm (25%).

At a time of austerity we need local radio and services more than ever, people across the capital and the UK deserve a 24/7 local radio service staffed by local people who know and understand the communities they serve.

The bbc is well able to find cuts elsewhere within its vast budget and a little less spending on celebrities would do their budget no harm and our country a great favour.

Please help save bbc London 94.9 fm and please help save bbc local services nationally.

Thank you,

A Listener...

Thank you all for helping to save our local radio services.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011


The decision to freeze and with inflation deliver a real term cut to the licence fee was a political one, the position we are in has the listener/end user of a bbc service/station is to feel what a real cut may mean to a service that we hold dear to ourselves.

The demonstration on the 28th of October 2011 is very important but we must also understand that the greater political pressure we can place upon politicians can only help our collective cause. The first politician we should all contact is the elected Mayor of London the one and only Boris Johnson.

Therefore I ask you to consider writing to Boris at you may wish to cut/paste some of the following text below.

Dear Boris Johnson,

I would like to bring to your attention the very shocking and sad news that the Director General of the bbc and his management team wish to implement cuts of up to 25% that will destroy afternoon programming, decimate the excellent sports coverage and close late night radio.

I've contacted the bbc trust and have responded to the consultation however after listening to David Holdsworth head of regions I'm concerned that bbc management are merely playing lip service to the thoughts and feelings of listeners.

How can a city as diverse as London not afford a 24/7 public funded radio station, especially considering the salaries paid to senior managers/directors and the £5 billions collected in licence fees and sales of programmes world wide.

Thank you,

A Listener...

I hope the above paragraphs help and I hope you like me wish to save this wonderful station.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sign the Petition...

Time to sign a petition that seeks to 'save BBC local radio' which includes OUR radio station here in the capital so click on the following link BBC London 94.9 fm and join over 2,000 people who care about their radio stations.

Remember we have everything to gain by actively protesting, signing petitions, lobbying the BBC trust and our elected politicians.

Over the coming weeks and months I'll place generic emails which you may choose to 'cut/paste' or 'alter' and send into your London Assembly Member, your Member of Parliament plus various members of the House of Lords.

Together we can save OUR local radio station BBC London 94.9 fm...


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Save bbc London 94.9...

BBC London 94.9 fm is under threat because of proposed budget cuts by the Director General and management of the Corporation.

Please attend the first of many protests at 6pm on Friday the 28th of October 2011 at Portland Place/Langham Place, London W1. Please do bring a torch !

Contact the BBC Trust and take part in the consultation regarding BBC Local Radio and make sure your views and opinions get heard. You may wish to explain to the trust that we in London require and need a 24/7 dedicated radio station. The budget cut is £1 million and I'm sure that savings to the tune of £1 million can be made elsewhere within the BBC.

Look forward to seeing you all on the 28th of this month where we the listener will start our campaign to save OUR London radio station.

'For Harry, For BiG George, For BBC London'