Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year...

What a Year 2011...

What a year this has been from losing a much loved radio host, musician & friend to the announcement that the Director General of the bbc & its board of management wish to impose cuts upon local radio that will not only drastically alter service level agreements but destroy bbc local radio.

However within no time of the announcement of the 'Delivering Quality First' (DQF) programme listeners to bbc local radio from Cornwall via London to Aberdeen were organising via facebook/twitter & good old local radio !

The consultation has ended & the season of goodwill is upon us all so I ask of Mark Thomson & David Holdsworth, whilst you celebrate Christmas & New Year please spare a thought for the elderly, the infirm, the emergency services, the taxi-cab drivers, the down trodden, the lonely & the ordinary hard working people who don't just listen to local radio but care about their communities. Think of the licence fee payer & remember you/your colleagues at the top of the corporation have done pretty well out of us ordinary folk doing the 'normal' sometimes mundane boring jobs that most people take for granted. Please Mark & David if it's within your power 'ring fence' bbc local radio & harness the energy, the enthusiasm & even love that so many 'local' people have for bbc local radio. End the uncertainty for the staff affected & deliver Christmas joy to families/friends & communities throughout the nation.

That's the begging part over now let us deal with the Trust. Lord Christopher Patten is a decent hard working chap who chairs the bbc trust. The Trust will decide in Jan/Feb 2012 the fate of bbc local radio. I like you place my trust in Lord Patten, I believe he along with fellow trustees understand that local radio is not only cherished but loved dearly by you the listener. I firmly believe we have made the case for local radio and won the argument with bbc senior management. Money can be saved at the corporation, from car allowances, better project management & reductions in car/bus services whilst protecting front line programming & staff at bbc local radio.

At bbc London 94.9fm we are in danger of losing Robert Elms, Danny Baker, the majority of the Sports team, Jo Good & Nikki Bedi. Please note Lord Patten there is very little informative, entertaining, educational, inclusive radio in the commercial sector even here in London.

If the worst happens & the Trust sides with bbc management we must be prepared to mount a political lobbying campaign like no other.

I have a Plan B 'IN' In Preparation which will involve all our elected politicians & national/regional/local demonstrations, we must hope for the best & prepare for the worse. Remember our battle cry & shout it out loud & clear when you call/text/tweet/facebook/email your local bbc radio station,

'IN PATTEN WE TRUST' for now...

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all...

John Kennedy.

PS can I personally thank the bbc radio forum &

Monday, 19 December 2011


With the clock ticking to the close of the consultation regarding bbc Local radio members of two London based facebook groups 'The Star Garter/Tree House Appreciation Society' and the 'Unofficial bbc London Late Night Group' joined forces to deliver a message (and cake/card) to the bbc trust based at 180 Great Portland Street, London W1.

The delegation which represented 'bbc Local radio and not just bbc London 94.9 fm gathered by the 'All Souls Church' Portland Place W1 at 11.00am.

After a short taxi-cab journey and a number of the group choosing to walk we all gathered outside the bbc trust London offices. Group photographs (below) were taken with 'Scrooge' ready and waiting to deliver a cake to the trust and seasons greetings but not a whiff or a sniff of humble pie.

A reporter from from bbc London interviewed Faye (above) from Chiswick whilst 'Scrooge' looked liked the part suited him more by the minute.
After 'Scrooge gave his interview to the reporter Jason Rosam he entered the building with a couple of those present including Robin and Bruno the Welsh Terrier 'demonstration' dog and the cake/card were accepted by a PA from the bbc trust.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have with the bbc radio forum and managed to  seek and gain not just cross party support for Local radio but Government support. It is now up to you to ask your friends/family even neighbours to fill out the consultation at click on link to local radio and get involved, have your say and save something you love.

Can I personally thank Robin and Bruno, Scrooge, Paul, Manna, Cassandra, Steve and his baby daughter, Marc, Faye and the chap with the white wool hat.

You have 48hrs to fill out the consultation, don't regret not taking the opportunity to save bbc Local radio including bbc London 94.9 fm...

'In Patten we Trust'

John Kennedy.

PS the consultation closes on the 21st of December on the 22nd our political campaign starts.

Friday, 16 December 2011

11am 19.12.11 !


On Monday at 11am a representative group of listeners to bbc London 94.9fm & bbc local radio will muster/meet at the 'All Soul's Church' Portland Place W1 & led by the character 'Scrooge' we will deliver not humble pie but a cake/card to the offices of the bbc Trust in Great Portland Street W1.

Merry Christmas to you all & may I thank you once again for your efforts to save bbc local radio.

'In Patten we Trust'

John Kennedy.

PS remember you have until the 21st of December to encourage, neighbours, family & friends to respond to the consultation...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The 19th...

Less than 10 Days to the end of Consultation...

On the 19th of December a representative group of people will deliver a message of 'goodwill' to a group of people who have the future of your bbc local radio station in their hands.
Our very own bbc London 94.9fm will be decimated if the cuts to its budget go ahead. Robert Elms & Danny Bakers shows are under threat, the Sports team & coverage will barely exist. Jo Good's late show & the wonderful Nikki Beddi overnight slot will disappear.

You the listener have been wonderful, you have stepped up to the plate & protested/demonstrated has if you were fighting for your jobs & families. I am very proud of you all & my message to you is simple, whatever happens to bbc London 94.9fm you will be able to hold your head high & say you did your bit, you made an effort to persuade those who have been entrusted to act on our behalf.

So at midday on Monday the 19th December we will deliver a message, a reminder to those who hold the key to the future of local radio that we are here waiting for them to make the right decisions on our behalf.
'In Patten we Trust'

John Kennedy...

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Wonderful People Who Care !

Yes over 50 wonderful people turned up on a wet grey awful night to protest at the cuts that are proposed to bbc London 94.9 fm and bbc local radio. 'Scrooge' made an appearance and we all had a sing-song with a rendition of the 'Candy-Man' that would have made the much loved bbc London presenter 'Danny Baker' proud. In true form of bbc London 94.9 fm listeners £94.00p was raised towards 'The BiG George Bench' fund. Can I thank you all personally...back to the protest.

The weather was rainy with the skies dark and grey but the spirit of these listeners and the wonderful Robin with 'Bruno the demonstration dog' lifted the mood of all coupled with the great news that a debate was held in Parliament which managed to unite the House and gain support from the Government.

I would like to thank all the politicians that took part in the debate and hope that the Director General of the bbc was listening and that the bbc trust rejects the proposed cuts to bbc local radio and treats this vital community service in the same way radio 3 and 4 have been ring fenced from the vast majority of the cuts across the rest of the corporation.

Life is going to get a little harder for many of us who live in the real world and who get paid reasonable 'normal' wages/salaries and bbc London 94.9 fm gives all of us something we like and love. I personally love the late show with Jo Good and the overnight show with Nikki Beddi, I also enjoy the excellent sports coverage and the culture/history of Robert Elms followed by the most random of radio by 'the boy baker' (Danny Baker).

The presenters, the staff and the editors should be proud of what you deliver and we the listeners shall fight to save a radio station we love.

'In Patten we Trust'

Thank you all,

John Kennedy.