Monday, 19 December 2011


With the clock ticking to the close of the consultation regarding bbc Local radio members of two London based facebook groups 'The Star Garter/Tree House Appreciation Society' and the 'Unofficial bbc London Late Night Group' joined forces to deliver a message (and cake/card) to the bbc trust based at 180 Great Portland Street, London W1.

The delegation which represented 'bbc Local radio and not just bbc London 94.9 fm gathered by the 'All Souls Church' Portland Place W1 at 11.00am.

After a short taxi-cab journey and a number of the group choosing to walk we all gathered outside the bbc trust London offices. Group photographs (below) were taken with 'Scrooge' ready and waiting to deliver a cake to the trust and seasons greetings but not a whiff or a sniff of humble pie.

A reporter from from bbc London interviewed Faye (above) from Chiswick whilst 'Scrooge' looked liked the part suited him more by the minute.
After 'Scrooge gave his interview to the reporter Jason Rosam he entered the building with a couple of those present including Robin and Bruno the Welsh Terrier 'demonstration' dog and the cake/card were accepted by a PA from the bbc trust.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have with the bbc radio forum and managed to  seek and gain not just cross party support for Local radio but Government support. It is now up to you to ask your friends/family even neighbours to fill out the consultation at click on link to local radio and get involved, have your say and save something you love.

Can I personally thank Robin and Bruno, Scrooge, Paul, Manna, Cassandra, Steve and his baby daughter, Marc, Faye and the chap with the white wool hat.

You have 48hrs to fill out the consultation, don't regret not taking the opportunity to save bbc Local radio including bbc London 94.9 fm...

'In Patten we Trust'

John Kennedy.

PS the consultation closes on the 21st of December on the 22nd our political campaign starts.

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