Thursday, 8 March 2012

BskyB ?

Looking up to the Sky...

According to reports in the media section of the Guardian online yesterday the bbc is to receive a reduction in access fees to the BskyB platform from 2014 of £5.5 million.

It is reported that this money will be used by the bbc to further reduce cuts to the much loved bbc local radio network.

Only yesterday I felt the gloom & the doom of a rather large sum of money spent on the 'new' section of Broadcasting House yet out of the blue or should I say from the 'Sky' above we have been sent a life line that may well help to preserve 24/7 speech based radio here in London if bbc management wish this to be the case.

I just hope (and pray) that David Holdsworth grasps this opportunity & ensures that bbc local radio is given the funding & opportunity to continue its unique local brand of broadcasting across the UK & bbc London is adequately funded so it may continue to operate on 24/7 365 day a year basis.

We trusted in Patten but I wasn't expecting anything from the 'Sky' above.

John Kennedy...

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