Thursday, 12 January 2012

'Get Vocal 4 BBC Local'

Getting vocal for bbc local radio...

The consultation is over and we are well into the New Year of 2012. Over the coming weeks & months the fate of bbc local radio will be decided by the bbc trust.

At 1pm on Saturday the 18th of February we will protest outside the new bbc media centre at Salford (Manchester) and remind the director general & the board of management of the bbc that we are not prepared to sit back & listen to local radio turn into a regional stitch up dressed up has a quality first management speak programme.

Therefore it's time for everybody who loves & enjoys bbc local radio & bbc local sport to demonstrate on Saturday the 18th of February outside the bbc media centre at Salford (Manchester).

Note details of meeting points/places and ways of travelling to/from Manchester will appear here shortly...


John Kennedy.
'Get Vocal 4 BBC Local'

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