Tuesday, 24 January 2012

'In Patten we Trust'...

'In Patten we Trust'...
We have demonstrated, filled in consultation documents and sent a clear message to the Director General of the bbc Mark Thompson that he and the board of management need to reverse the proposed cuts to bbc local radio.

Tomorrow the Chair of the bbc trust Lord Patten delivers a speech where we hope that he will clearly speak up on our behalf and ask Mark Thompson to reverse the cuts programme to bbc local radio. We have placed our trust in Lord Patten and I am sure he understands the strength of feeling that these proposed cuts have generated.

We managed to galvanise cross party support of MP's and the Culture, Media & Sports Minister Jeremy Hunt and win the argument for a licence fee funded local radio service across the UK. Local radio is the crown that holds the Jewels and it saddens me to think that those who have been placed in charge of our bbc thought so little of a service that is enjoyed by millions of us across this land.

Whatever Lord Patten says in Oxford we will have to wait to see how Mark Thompson and the board of management interpret his words/sentiment.

A special thank you so far to all of you who have attended demonstrations/pickets, filled out consultation documents and all @savelocalradio @BBCRadioForum on the twitter.

In my honest opinion this campaign isn't over it's just about to begin so for the next few days maybe you might consider texting/tweeting/emailing and even calling your bbc local radio service, it's time to 'Get Vocal 4 bbc Local' radio...

'In Patten we Trust'

John Kennedy.

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