Friday, 25 November 2011

Broadcasting House 6pm 1.12.2011...

Next Demonstration is at
6pm on 
Thursday the 1st of December 2011
Broadcasting House
Portland Place

If you choose to sit back and do nothing don't be surprised after the Olympics in 2012 when you tune into 94.9fm if you don't hear the likes of Robert Elms, Danny Baker, Jo Good, Nikki Beddi, the Sports team, Caroline Feraday, Gary Crowley, Tony Blackburn to name but a few. Delivering Quality First (name of the cost cutting programme) will Put the Listener Last (PLL).

Many of the overnight family lost a good friend in 'BiG George Webley' and I remember only to well pledging to many of you that I would fight any cuts to our bbc local radio station...

The time has come for each of us to step up to the plate, so turn up on Thursday and send a clear message to the Director General of the bbc that the proposed cuts to bbc local radio are unacceptable. Ring fence local radio like Radio 4 and 3, protect local radio has if it was the proms and reverse the decision before the new year and give local communities the length and breadth of the nation something to cheer about in these oh so turbulent times.

Please Mark Thompson do the right thing for the ordinary, the elderly, the infirm, the lonely, the non-league football fan, the cricket fan and our legacy after 2012. 

'In Patten we Trust' but you Mark can prove us all wrong and reverse the cuts to the crown that holds the jewels of the British Broadcasting Corporation. 


PS due to cuts Santa cancelled on Thursday, please note 'Scrooge' will be in attendance instead along with many of you hopefully and the odd Christmas Carol...!

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