Saturday, 19 November 2011

Save BBC Radio London 94.9 fm...

In life you have many choices but when someone or some group or institution wishes to take something away from you you have two choices. Stand up for what you love and believe in or sit down and let others dictate how your life will be run.

Many listeners to bbc radio London 94.9fm cannot believe what the Director General and the board of management wish to do with bbc Local radio. It is FACT that the bbc pays daft sums of money to people under the  veil of 'talent' that will go elsewhere eg ITV or maybe even SKY. Well considering all this talent had to start somewhere and I'm sure they weren't paid excessively in the first place, so let this pool of overpaid 'talent' seek overpaid contracts elsewhere and spend the money saved on bbc local radio, radio 5 live and other excellent programmes the bbc manages to make for a fraction of the money paid to this 'talent' pool bleeding the corporation dry.

A big thank you to Nigel Howard 'Fleet Streets' finest photographer for kindly providing us with a number of pictures of our 1st Demonstration on the 28th of October.

Please note we have a new national website created by other great people who care about local radio and their communities at this links nearly all the campaigns and is the hub. We need to unite to save ALL bbc local radio.

Next Demonstration on
Thursday 6pm
1st of Decemeber 2011
Broadcasting House
Portland Place

'In Patten we Trust'

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