Friday, 4 November 2011

Radio 4 Feedback...

You are the most important person to any radio station in the world for without you stations do not exist. Across the United Kingdom bbc local radio is under threat like never before, they haven't chosen to close stations down and offer the frequency to Ofcom and the private/commercial sector instead the Director General along with his board of management team have chosen to cuts services, change the service level agreement and effectively turn bbc local radio into a 6am to 12pm and a 5pm to 7pm service.

Here in London we will lose our much loved overnight slot presently hosted by the wonderful Nikki Bedi. Shows like Robert elms that are unique to London are under threat along with Danny Baker (what's coming next radio, you never know). The bbc London sports team cover all sports held within the capital and produce sports coverage of a quality that far surpasses the £1.5 million paid to a part time 'Match of the Day' presenter and finally Joanne Good the lady that introduces bands,barking and opinions on the airwaves on the late show.

Last week some of us (well over 120) turned up at Broadcasting House, Portland Place W1 at 6pm and held our first protest against these cuts. Nigel Howard (Evening Standard) took some pictures so please do take a look at we were also featured today on the bbc radio 4 programme feedback at 1.30pm which will be broadcast again on Sunday at 8pm.

I/we are emailing all of you who left an address and we will announce our next demonstration to be held early December the theme will be 'carol singing' with the odd alternate lyric. In the meantime can you ensure at least 5 other people you know fill out the consultation regarding local radio and ask those five people to send a letter/email to your MP, London Assembly member or local councillor. You may wish to help your neighbour or friend do this and use templates on previous posts on this blog or other save local radio site linked to us here.

Thank you all once again...


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